Goalies Inc. is always at the forefront on the latest techniques and development structure. Our Power Skating for Goalies program has been our most beneficial program for power development and efficiency for all of our students. This program is an essential for any team / organization to implement into their preseason development. Our 5 week program teaches all movements on a progressive basis and has a strong emphasis on repetition training.

Balanced and controlled movements are vital to a goaltender’s growth as an athlete. His or her ability to move within the crease directly relates to how effective he or she will be at stopping the puck. Goalies Inc power skating consists of skating only, no pucks. Practicing the movements without pucks helps the goaltenders train through repetition and develop muscle memory in order to create good habits. The addition of “Explosiveness” training helps to build our player’s strength, flexibility, and transitioning which are critical to their success on the ice.

Each Power Skating session involves:

+ 5 week training program (1 hr per week)
+ 10 percent discount to all Goalies Inc. camp(s) for all partnering teams / org.
+ 10 percent discount to all American Hockey Academy power skating programs (forwards / dmen) for all partnering teams / org.

Each session is individually designed and instructed by head instructor and founder, Jim Stanaway.


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