Individual attention and attention to detail is two of the key components of the Goalies Inc. training system that are implemented each Goalies Inc program. The Goalies Inc. system involves our unique ability to break down the position into easily digested segments that will allow each student to relate each movement to the next. We want our students to develop a clear understanding of the position and constantly be progressing every time they touch the ice. We train our minds as well as our bodies. Goaltenders will progress from proper fundamental mechanics onto in depth instruction of game situation techniques. Our individualized instruction allows each student get the 1:1 attention that is vital for their own development.

Goalies Inc. partners with several organizations to bring our same positive development message exclusively to each individual!

Goalies Inc team / org. clinic involves

– 6 hour(s) On-Ice instruction
– 3:1 Player to Coach ratio
– 10 percent discount to all Goalies Inc. camp(s) for partnering teams / org.
– 10 percent discount to all American Hockey Academy sessions for partnering teams / org.

Goalies Inc also offers:

Pre-Season Conditioning clinics
Weekly / Bi-weekly / Monthly Clinics

Each clinic is individually designed and instructed by head instructor, Jim Stanaway and our professional staff.


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