Each Goalies, Inc. camp is broken into four ice sessions. Each session focuses on a logistical system of skills which are taught in progression, so our students learn how to make efficient decisions during all game situations. By breaking down the position into our easily adaptable system, our students show a marked improvement over a short weekend series. Our instructors place a high priority on individual attention and giving each student the 1:1 time that is vital to their development. Our students learn why these skills are important, and how to properly execute each, so there is a proper understanding of the position. Each session is designed to be intense, and multiple students are involved in each drill, leaving very little on-ice downtime. The end result is a significant development experience that is unmatched in the industry.

What our families are saying:

"....thanks so much for your work with my son! Of all the coaches he has had, you are the only one who really was able to make a connection with him. I was very impressed how you were able to push him to test his limits and show him how hard work would enable him to reach his goals.He respected you and was ready to work for you until he was gasping for air and couldn't stand up. I think you saw in him some things that I also saw. I believe he has tremendous potential both physically and mentally. You helped him realize that in himself. Your program, and positive influence on your students , is second to none! Thank you again!"



Each weekend our students receive:

6 hours - On ice instruction
- Mite- Peewee (Beginner)
+ Emphasis on fundamental development
- Bantam - Professional
+ Focus on fundamental maintenance
+ Emphasis on game situation integration
3 hours - Off ice instruction
- Mite-Peewee (Beginner Instruction)
- Peewee- Bantam (Intermediate Instruction)
- High School - Professional (Advanced personalized training)
On ice video analysis
High Level Shooters
Low player to coach ratio
Catered lunch daily
Complimentary jersey
Discounted gear from all sponsors


Early Bird Registration Discount Deadline: March 30th, 2018
Save 45.00 PER CAMP!


December 22nd-23rd Marquette, MI
December 26th-27th Oshkosh, WI


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